Meet Nina Venturella

The Coach of Coaches

For 30 years, Nina has been blazing trails and changing people’s lives as an entrepreneur. She spent 26 of those years in the weight loss and wellness industry, helping people loose weight and achieve health and wellness through her company, Majestic Wellness Academy. Nina has traveled the world touching and changing lives through her dynamic ability to inspire change and coach people through their problems to a better tomorrow.

Just put yourself out there. You don’t have to hit a homerun, but you do have to bat, and swing. If you don’t do that, you will never know what you are capable of.”

The comfort of knowing someone is right there with you is priceless. It takes away a lot of the fear and doubt so you can go out and give it your all

I love helping my coaches be the best they can be, finding their gold and helping them realize their true potential.

Nina has an arsenal of other achievements, including:
  • Extensive background in the lymphatic system, cleansing and getting to the root causes of sickness and disease by unlocking toxicity in ALL areas of life. 
  • Award winning author, Public Speaker, Founder, CEO, and Franchisor.
  • Trainer, Instructor, Innovator, Pastor.
  • Podcast founder/Talk show host of Coaches Corner.
  • Won the 2014 Christian Writers award, 1st place in Health Category, Nationally Accredited Academy.
  • Founder of lymphatic process, X’TRACT.
  • CEO Spa-taular Health
  • Nationwide facilitators
  • 800 Graduates
  • Co-Founder of the Coachanaire Institute Member of ISFP, INT Society Female Professionals Feature in America’s Best Coaches Magazine 2020
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